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FUT Hair Transplant

FUHT Hair Transplant: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a procedure where hair follicle is transplanted from the permanent hair bearing zone at the back and sides of the scalp to the bald areas of the scalp. This is called permanent hair bearing area because hairs in this region are more resistant to the effect of DHT and hence to baldness.

This is done using follicular units which are naturally-occurring groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs.

After anesthetising the scalp, the doctor removes a strip of skin with underlying tissue containing the hair follicle from the permanent hair bearing zone (donor area). The size and the length of the strip is determined by the number of grafts required

Once the strip is extracted, it is cut and converted into many individual follicular units by microscopic dissection. These follicular unit grafts are then transplanted into the micro slits created by the doctor in the recipient area. The donor area is sutured primarily and sutures are removed generally 10 days after surgery. The suture area heals by leaving a linear scar on the donor area. Nowadays with the use of Trichophytic closure, a row of hairs grows in between the scar making it less visible.

It is important that the follicular unit does not get damage during dissection of the strip as its intactness will ensure maximum growth.

The method of placement of grafts in the recipient slits is same in both FUT and FUE techniques.

The main advantage of this technique is larger number of grafts can be harvested in a single day session.

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