Does PRP therapy have any complications?

March 12, 2018 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

PRP Therapy Complications

PRP therapy although it is a new tool in the baggage for the treatment of hair loss but it has been under use for quite sometime. It was earlier used by orthopedic surgeon for joint repairs or by plastic surgeons for scar or as fillers.

It has been shown to improve hair growth and improve the quality of existing hairs. The PRP has numerous growth factors, which actually are responsible for the result.

As with any therapy, first question, which comes to the mind, is that whether there is any complication with this? Well to know this one should understand that PRP is made by centrifuging thepatient’s own blood.

At our center we have 2 modules set in our machine which runs two cycle of centrifuge, first one is separation and second one is concentration of platelets to ensure good quality yield of the platelets per milliliter of plasma.

As it is made by patient’s own blood the chances of antigenic reaction is almost nil.
Other thing which one should be careful is maintaining sterilization while transferring the PRP from the vial to the injecting syringe. If this is compromised then yes one may have chances of infection. At our place we take care of the sterilization as the kit and the vial used has double silicon covering and these are pre-sterilized kits. The PRP is drawn from the closed vial so no need of atmospheric exposure to the PRP is possible.

Barring this PRP is not associated with any complication, just a feeling of tightness in the scalp for a day.

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