FUHT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant involves the extraction of graft from the donor area, which is generally back and sides of the scalp. This area is taken as the donor area because it is permanent hair bearing area, as the follicles in this area are quite resistant to the effect of DHT. The difference in both the techniques (FUE and FUT) is the method of extraction of follicles, the method of placing the follicles into the recipient area is same.

When the patient arrives at our clinic, the patient is given some medicines after doing the relevant and necessary paper work. Informed consent is taken from the patient. Patient is taken to Procedure room after putting the procedure room cloths. We use sterile, disposable dress for all our patients as we maintain strict sterilization and disinfection protocols.

Scalp is made numb by injecting local anesthesia while monitoring of the vitals of the patient is being done. The surgeon harvests the strip of skin of adequate size and depth. The number of grafts required for the procedure determines the size of the strip. After harvesting the area is sutured in layers so that proper approximation is achieved without creating any undue stretch or tension on the stitch line. At our clinic all the suturing of the FUT cases is done by trichophytic method only so that the scar is minimal or is not visible. The hair follicles in their natural occurring groups of hair are then taken out from the skin strip by dissecting them under the magnification. These follicles are kept in proper holding solution. Meanwhile the surgeon creates the recipient slits according to the natural direction and angle of the existing hair.

At the completion of the procedure all grafts are checked again for their proper placement and sterile antiseptic bandage is done. After explaining and providing the postoperative instruction and medicines, the patient goes back home.

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