Hair Transplant in Women

Female Baldness

Hair transplant has proved to be a boon for treating the baldness. Most of the men use to have a hair transplant surgery for combating male pattern baldness. Recent advancement in the medical science and technologies made it possible to get good results for the hair transplant.

For females, hair is very important aspect of the feminism. Every women want long thick and strong hair for that gorgeous look. Hair transplant in women is a permanent option to restore the lost hairs.

Understanding Female Pattern Baldness
Normally, women experience diffuse thinning on the scalp which generally starts in the center maintaining the frontal hair line and then extend to involve other areas of the scalp. This is in contrast to the hair loss pattern in males which generally follow a typical pattern starting from receding hairline and extending to make a horse shoe pattern in male. The hair follicle in the back of head of females is not typically resistant to DHT as in males. The common causes of hair loss in females are hereditary female pattern baldness, stress, crash dieting, anemia, hormonal imbalance including pregnancy, thyroid problems and certain medicines.

Candidacy for hair transplant in women
A detailed history and careful examination by the doctor is of utmost importance while deciding the candidacy for hair transplant in women. Some factors which may influence the decision are family history of female hair loss, age of onset and the stage of hair loss. The patient should not have unrealistic expectation and the outcome of the procedure should be discussed thoroughly and in detail.

  • Some of the indications are:
  • Traction Alopecia – Gradual hair loss due to tight braids, ponytails.
  • Women having pattern baldness like men. A donor area unaffected by androgenetic alopecia is helpful in carrying out successful surgery.
  • Hair loss due to trauma, burn or surgery, scarring from accidents and chemical burns.
  • If there is no improvement even after having regular medications.

The procedure of hair transplant in women is similar to that which is done in men. As with all hair transplant procedure the aesthetic points and technicalities have to be considered in detailed while doing the procedure in females

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