Factors Affecting hair loss

We generally loose approximately 100 hairs per day and the rate of hair fall and hair loss depends on the general overall health of the person.


As the age advances there is greying of the hair due to reduction in melanin. The greying typically starts in temple region and the back of scalp or the occipital region is last to get involved. There is reduction in density and the thickness of hair with age.

Stress can lead to hair loss in number of ways. Stress induces production of cortisol and adrenaline, both of which make the hair to go into the resting phase of the cycle and thereby preventing new hair growth. Stress also precipitates the impulse disorder of hair pulling also called trichotillomania.



Smoking is known to cause constriction of blood vessels so blood supply and hence the supply of nutrients gets compromise which may affect the health of the hair.

Healthy balanced diet is essential for the health of body as well as hair. Lack of protein in diet may lead to hair loss as the hair is made of protein called keratin. The vitamins and minerals are also essential for the growth of hair. Crash dieting may lead to hair loss due to decrease in essential nutrients. Major vitamins required for good hair are Vitamin B1, B2, B5, biotin, vitamin C, vitamin E. And essential minerals are iron, Se, Zn. So diet should also contain fresh fruits and vegetables in diet.


environmental factors

Environmental pollution:
Pollution in form of air pollution and water pollution may lead to hair damage by interfering with the hair protein and making the hair weaker and brittle.

Yoga and exercise:
Yoga and exercise help in reducing the stress by calming the body and also enhance the blood circulation thereby improving the blood supply to hair follicle.


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