PRP For Hair Loss

PRP Therapy

The horizon of restorative and regenerative medicine has expanded many folds in recent times and one of the technique which is added to the armamentarium of the doctors is PRP therapy i.e. platelet rich plasma therapy.

The name itself is suggests that the plasma which is rich in platelets.

The questions which come to mind are what is it?

How it is made? | How it works? | Who can get benefit from this therapy?

What is PRP?

It is platelet rich plasma.

Autologous PRP contains different growth factors and other cytokines which may elicit gathering of stem cells around the damaged region stimulating cellular proliferation and tissue regeneration.

  • PRP contains certain growth factors like:
  • TGF-B (Transforming Growth Factor-beta)
  • PDGFa-b (Platelet Derived Growth Factor)
  • bFGF (Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor)
  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)
  • VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor)
  • CTGF (Connective Tissue Growth Factor

How PRP works

The platelets contain different type of granules which have numerous growth factore and cytokines. When the PRP is injected the growth factors and cytokines act as chemotactic factors for mesenchymal stem cell , which means they attrect the stem cells to the site and also activate the dermal papilla stem cells. These growth factors also help to promote the growth in the miniaturized follicle there by making it healthy and thick.

Procedure for making the PRP:

PRP for Hair Loss
  • Indications:
  • In male and female pattern baldness
  • To stimulate the thinnig hair so that they become thick , healthy and robust. This is for thinning and not for completely bald areas
  • In hair transplant it may promote healing

  • Advantages of PRP:

  • It is safe: as the PRP which is made is from the patients own blood (autologous), so the chances of allergies and infections are not there.
  • Natural: It is based on growth factors from the platelets so it is purely natural form of treatment.
  • It is quick, cost effective and is non surgical.

  • Who should not go for PRP?
  • The patients who have active infection
  • Those who are on blood thinner medications
  • Who have any kind of bleeding or clotting disorder should not opt for this.

PRP in Delhi

At Hair & Senses, we try to make any procedure we do as comfortable as possible. The procedure is fully done in a dedicated PRP procedure room which has the full infrastructure and the PRP Centrifuge there only, so that there is no need to transfer the blood samples here and there. At our clinic, we used Refrigerated PRP Centrifuge which has inbuilt software for this purpose only. This helps us to maintain the platelets at optimal temperature and in optimal number per ml. because the studies have shown that above 40-degree celcius there may be heat induced structural changes in the platelets.

FDA approved vials and kits are used at our center to ensure that patient gets the best possible results. Good local anesthetic techniques are used to make the procedure as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our practice. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Hair & Senses or if you would like to Schedule an appointment! for PRP in Delhi.

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