Recipient Area/Site

Recipient area is the area where the harvested donor follicles or grafts will be implanted.
How these sites are created while doing hair transplant has significant effect on the final result. These are tiny incisions created by the doctor where the grafts will ultimately be inserted.

How are these recipient slits or sites made?

The recipient sites are created in such a way that the donor grafts fit in properly and also the procedure causes minimal trauma to the area. This promotes good and early healing.

In order to reduce the trauma and preserve the good vascular supply, it is very important to choose your instrument properly. One can use either fine needles or very fine blades and it is also important to control the depth of the incision so as not to damage the deep blood vessels. Use of tumescent solution is also helpful in this regard as it also prevent damage to the deeper blood supply.

It is very important to have good light and magnification while preparing the recipient sites. One should always observe the angle and orientation of the existing surrounding hair so as to create the angle in same way.

At our centre, we create recipient sites by using lateral slit method as this provide greater control over the angle and orientation of the transplanted hair. Lateral slits allow better coverage of the area and one can provide better density using this technique. This also allows the surgeon to transplant technically difficult areas like crown, temple, etc. effectively and smoothly.

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