Hair Loss in Women

Thinning and ultimately loosing hair can be very devastating and demoralizing for many females. As the hair decreases so is the self confidence.

The main feature in female pattern hair loss is the type of the pattern as it starts as diffuse thinning of the mid frontal area leaving the hair line.

There are two widely known grades which are used to grade the degree of hair loss in females.

Ludwig Classification
Savin scale

Commonly used is Ludwig system of classifying the degree of hair loss, which classifies the female hair loss in to three grades.

Female Baldness
Type I is the mild hair loss with early and barely perceptible thinning. This stage does not requires any surgical hair restoration as thinning is very less.

Type II is moderate degree of hair loss. In this there is increased shedding, generalized thinning and widening of the centre area of thinning. Hair transplant may be an option provided there is good and stable donor at the back part of scalp.

Type III is the severe degree of hair loss

According to Savin scale the degree of hair loss is classified into 8 types. Both scales are essentially similar but savin scale considers both thinning and density. Hair loss in women is common nowadays. Hair loss treatment for women in Delhi, NCR, India is available at Hair & Senses.


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