Graft Extraction and placement in hair transplant

May 16, 2015 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Graft Extraction

Graft the term suggest the unit or area of the tissue containing one or more hair, which is removed from the permanent hair bearing area and transplanted into the recipient site.

Before one goes in for hair transplant, proper assessment should be done which includes the clinical history and examination.

Assessment of the donor and the recipient area should be done, as it also ensures the reduction in undue graft wastage.

Once the final counselling and pre-operative blood investigations are done, the patient is advised to come on the procedure date. Preoperative instructions are given to the patient.


Graft extraction is one of the important steps in hair transplant.

The micro punch used to extract the donor graft should be of appropriate size. One should keep in mind the depth and the angulations of the donor hair so as to minimise the transaction. The graft should be handled with utmost care once it is out of the scalp and is kept in appropriate storage solution so that its viability is not compromised. The recipient sites are made at an accurate depth and at an accurate angle keeping in mind the direction and angle of the natural hair. While doing graft placement, the distance between grafts should be proper to give proper density and also to prevent the graft popping out. The bleeding should be controlled while placing the graft, otherwise it may come out of the recipient site.

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