Avoiding Common Mistakes With Hair Styling Tools

July 03, 2019 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Who doesn't love a good blow dry? Especially when you are going for a black tie event, or a date, cocktail party, a wedding, or any special occasion. Having your hair nicely done gives an immediate boost to your self-confidence.

There are also people who like to style their hair daily, often the kind of work they do, demands it—to look well-dressed and well-groomed. Which means that they rely on hair styling tools. However, these tools have to be used carefully so that you don’t damage your hair and avoid hair fall.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make while using hair styling tools:
Bad-quality styling tools
Every woman wants a hair dryer, a straightening iron, a curler, and various other styling tools. Now depending on the brand and the quality of the product, the prices vary and can cause a big dent in your pocket as well. We are not suggesting that you go out and buy the most expensive tools, but look for a good brand, with good ratings and recommendations. If possible try it out first. Cheap styling tools can make hairs brittle and dry, and damage your roots even.

Take blow dryers for example, cheap blow dryers might not have different heat settings, which means that you will end up using high heat on your wet hair almost every day. This will make your hair brittle and dry, and cause hair fall.

Using the highest heat settings
Yes, we understand that you are in a rush every morning, and need to get your hair done fast. But say a 5-10 minutes extra that you spend on your hair and use the blow dryer or the curler at a lower temperature, will go a long way in maintaining the health of your hair. A good idea is to test what temperature setting works for your hair best. You can check that by trying the tools at their lowest temperature setting and slowly going up, till you find the right temperature. Using the highest heat setting is also not the fastest way to do your hair; it only causes hair damage and breakage.

Heat protection
This is very important for people who style their hair every day. Heat protection serums seem like that extra spend on your beauty budget which you can do without. In fact many people who style their hair regularly don’t use any protection. Heat protection serums form a layer on your hair, and if the styling tools get too hot, your hair will still be safe under the serum.

Wrong technique
A lot of people who style their hair at home often put the hair dryer too close to the scalp, or press the hair iron for too long on your locks, thinking it will give better results. It doesn’t. Hair dryers should be kept a few inches away from the scalp, while straighteners shouldn’t be pressed too hard or for too long. Using the wrong technique will make hair weak and lead to hair fall.

Curling irons shouldn’t be held on each section for too long either.

Don’t use the tools all over your hair if you don’t have to

This is another common mistake people make—using styling tools from the root to the tip every day. Hair styling tools can be used in the portion of the hair and you can still get your desired look. For example, curling only the bottom half of the hair can make for a good hairstyle, while ironing the top layer of the hair can give your hair the sharp look that you are going for.

Additionally, taking care of hair with warm oil massages, deep conditioning, hair spas, and most importantly a healthy diet rich in protein and leafy vegetables will help you keep your hair strong and avoid hair fall.

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