Care after hair transplant

Feb 19, 2016 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Every surgical procedure should be allowed appropriate time to produce the desired result and one should be patient during that period.

The care and instructions after the procedure are important part of the surgical management as this may affect the result like plantation of tree is one step and the care afterwards is necessary so that necessary growth of the tree can occur.

shower after hair transplant Once the hair transplant is done, patient can have shower the very next day with water flowing gently over the transplanted area. One should not rub, pick or scratch the transplanted area for first 10-14 days as this is the time required for the graft to take up and get fixed. But one should take adequate care of both recipient and donor area which will help in reducing the crusting and will subsequently promote early healing.

After the procedure swelling may be of concern which generally starts over forehead and gradually moves down to bridge of nose and around eyes. Sleeping with head elevated for first 2 days may help in reducing this event.

It is advisable to avoid heavy strenuous exercise for initial two to three weeks. One should abstain from smoking for at least 3 weeks as smoking hamper the blood supply to the area which leads to the delay in healing and also leads to the poor hair growth.


Patient should avoid direct sunlight exposure for initial 4-6 weeks by wearing a loosely fitting cap.

One should avoid using hair colouring agents and dye for 4-5 weeks after the hair transplant. Camouflaging agents can be used after 3 weeks.

For healthy and lustrous hair one should take adequate water and eat fresh fruits and which vegetables as they are rich in natural vitamins and other micro nutrients. It is of significance that one should take balance diet with adequate protein.

Avoidance of stress should be taken into consideration. One can do meditation, yoga and one should take good sleep, which helps in reducing stress.

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