Your daily routine might just be causing hair damage

August 31, 2018 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Hair Damage Causes

Lifestyle diseases are quite common in the 21st century. Inadequate nutrition, alcoholism, smoking, junk food, irregular sleeping patterns, lack of exercise and stress have all led to increase in heart diseases, diabetes, and low immunity in not just the elderly but among the youth population as well. On top of that, our cities are setting new thresholds for air pollution, water contamination, urban waste and sanitation. All these factors put together play havoc with not just your body but your hair as well.

Studies have long concluded that lifestyle and our day to day is an important factor for hair damage and loss. And we know it – but what do we do about?

Let’s sit back and understand your daily routine:

  1. How many hours do you sleep for?
  2. Are you up late in the night?
  3. What are the essential ingredients of your daily diet?
  4. How much time do you spend exercising?
  5. How many hours do you spend outdoors?
  6. Are you addicted to screens – be it mobile, laptop, tablet or television?
  7. Do you drink every day?
  8. How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
  9. On a scale of one to ten, how stressful is your professional life?

How do you fare on the above questions? Are you convinced that you are living on the edge? If yes, this is what you need to do for healthy hair:

Nutritious Diet
A nutritious diet is absolutely critical for healthy hair. A diet rich in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 is good for your hair. You should know that hair is made up of protein, lack of which will leave your hair dry, weak and brittle. In addition, hair follicles feed on iron. Low iron levels in the body will cause anaemia resulting in low nutrient supply to the follicle and excessive shedding.

You have to ensure that your diet comprises of the essential nutrients. Include leafy greens, pulses, beans, nuts, fish, egg whites and lean meats in your daily diet. Moreover, avoid excess caffeine, sugar and junk food.

Sleep Well
Irregular sleeping patterns and lack of sleep leads to low immune levels and can lead to Telogen Effluvium or hair loss caused by stress. Sleep deprivation reduces the body’s ability to recuperate, repair and regenerate which also impacts hair growth. Moreover, sleep deprivation and disorders affect blood flow as well. Therefore, getting enough sleep (at least seven hours) is not only important for your hair but for your general well-being.

Are you spending too much time on the couch in front of a screen? Does the thought of a workout makes you lazy? If yes, then shed that laziness now and hit the gym. Go ahead, sweat it out and run a mile if you will. Exercise, it has been established, is good for the body in so many ways. It will boost your immunity, help you stay fit and will also ensure that you have healthy hair.
Sweat helps unclog hair follicles, it stimulates blood flow that brings in essential nourishment in the form of oxygen and nutrients to your hair. Not just that, exercise will relieve stress and restore stress related hair loss.

Don't wait for tomorrow, make exercise and essential part of your daily routine today. No matter how busy your schedule is. Find time for it – morning or evening, does not matter – just do it.

Stop Smoking
Smoking weakens the immune system. It impacts the blood flow and oxygen levels in the body. It leads to lack of appetite and anxiety. And we all agree that none of that is good for hair growth. So if you want healthy hair – you better stop smoking. Trust me you will not regret it.

Be careful with hair products
Do you use hair styling gels regularly? Do you use anti-dandruff shampoo on a daily basis? How often do you colour your hair? If you are concerned about hair loss and haven’t thought about these questions then its time you do.

Because repeated use of chemical product available over the counter can seriously damage your hair. It’s best that you consult a doctor before you use any of the products.

Nourish your scalp
A healthy scalp is absolutely essential for healthy hair. Hair follicles get natural oils from glands on the scalp, so if your scalp is unhealthy or dry, the hair will be dry and unhealthy as well. It is important to keep the scalp clean and free of dandruff. It is recommended that you wash it with a mild shampoo every 2-3 days. And if you spend time outdoors and are exposed to pollution and sun then be extra careful – consult the doctor before you self-medicate.

A health body and healthy hair go hand in hand. Small lifestyle changes will go a long way in ensuring your wellbeing. All you have to do is acknowledge that your daily routine needs some adjustment. Once you do that, half the battle is won.

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