Does beard transplant hurts?

Sept 21, 2020 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

All hair transplant procedures are done after infiltrating local anesthesia so as to numb the surgical area where one is performing the procedure. Beard hair transplant like a scalp hair transplant does not hurt much but there may be discomfort in the area after the transplant. But it is not of many problems as pain-reducing medicines are given postoperatively. The donor and recipient areas both are made numb by using the local anesthetic injections. This infiltration or injection on the face may cause a little pain. So, it is always good to counsel the patient beforehand about the pain of the injections.

Depending on the anatomical site one can alter the anesthetic technique as in face multiple injections may be painful so one can use longer-acting local anesthetic medicine so that frequent top-up injections can be avoided. One can use nerve blocks in combination with field blocks. Superficial tumescent infiltration may also provide ease of doing the procedure.

All these methods lead to a comfortable beard hair transplant. One may use some medications before the procedure to sedate or relieve the anxiety that one may have.

After the procedure doctor generally provides some pain relieving medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, and some antibiotics to make the procedure a comfortable experience and to avoid any infection.

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