Fighting with the Anxiety before Hair Transplant

Feb 01, 2017 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Anxiety before Hair Transplant

Anxiety is a common phenomenon which happens due to a feeling of worry, or nervousness regarding certain situation leading to an uncertain outcome. This usually affects one's behavior toward a condition. Most of the people feel anxious about many situations, such as personal life issues, professional career, unhealthy lifestyle, unsatisfactory achievements and more.

Baldness is a medical condition which happens due to excessive hair loss. For one’s who are upset about hair loss and wants a permanent solution, hair transplant is the answer.

Hair transplant is a surgical method of hair transplantation. For the same reason, one may feel anxious about the outcome of the surgery.

There are some questions that may arise in one’s mind before getting into the hair transplant.

What happens on the day of procedure?
On the day of your hair transplant, the surgeon will do the final counselling and with the markings show the hairline design and the area to be transplanted. The surgeon may take some pics before the surgery during this stage. You will be asked to sign a consent form according to the policies of the clinic. Generally, the hairs may be trimmed short. You will be provided with some premedications to control the anxiety.

How will the surgery starts?
The surgery will start from the application of local anesthesia to the scalp to make the scalp numb. You may feel a bit discomfort during this, but after few minutes, you can enjoy watching television, listening music etc. while the procedure is being done. One may feel a bit apprehensive about the infrastructure and the sterility of the instruments and the procedure room. At our centre, all sterilization and disinfection protocols are followed so that the procedure rooms and the instruments are well sterilized. We generally prescribe some antibiotics post-operatively to further negate the risk of any infection. We understand that patients have apprehensions and nervousness regarding any procedure so the surgeon and the team do every possible effort to make the patient comfortable and pain-free.

Anxiety regarding the outcome of the surgery
One should stay calm and show patience after the hair transplant as the transplanted hairs will take some time to grow. There will be a period of temporary shedding during which the patient may become apprehensive that whether the hair will grow or not. But this is a general phenomenon and its start 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure and may extend up to 10 - 12 weeks. The growth of transplanted grafts starts from fourth month onwards. Starting from the thinner hair you may notice the density from six months onwards. Complete hair growth is expected approximately in 8 to 12 month time depending on patient to patient.

Yes, you may feel anxious during the hair transplant surgery but at our Delhi centre, your hair transplant surgery is going to be a comfortable and comparatively painless experience. Consult today to Dr. Sangay Bhutia at 9891038822 or email at for your free consultation.

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