FUE Hair Transplant: The Complete Process

Feb 19, 2016 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

As with any surgical process, with hair transplant also certain protocols have to be followed and every step in the procedure has its own importance and significance.

Once it has been decided that hair transplant is to be done after proper examination, patient is counselled regarding all the aspects of hair transplant by drawing hairline on scalp and marking the areas for the transplant and the patient is asked to undergo some blood investigations prior to the procedure. On the day of surgery when the patient arrives, final counselling is done with proper designing of the hair line. Then photographs are clicked and after the counselling, patient need to sign the informed consent forms. After this the patient is given some medication to make sure that the patient is comfortable all through the procedure.

Generally the hair are trimmed short before the procedure. The duration or the time taken for the procedure depends on the number of the grafts to be transplanted. In between patient can take short breaks from procedure for using wash room or for short snacks and juice

Once the patient is in the procedure room, he or she is administered local anaesthesia to make the scalp numb. The patient comfort is of great importance and everything is done to make the procedure pain free and comfortable. During the procedure patient can watch television or listen to soothing music.

The surgeon makes the slits in the recipient area in a way that it gives a natural look and mimics the natural density. Utmost care is taken while making the recipient sites to achieve the natural angulation of the transplanted hair. This process requires a good experience and good sense of aesthetics.

After making the slits, the process of extraction is done taking good care to keep the transection rate to minimum. The extraction of the graft is done by micro punches unlike the FUT where strip of skin is excised and the wound is stitched back. Once the graft is taken out it is carefully inspected and then it is transplanted into the recipient site taking care to handle it delicately so that its viability is not hampered.

Once the procedure is complete, final checking is done and antiseptic bandage is placed.

All the post procedure instructions are explained to the patient and are also provided in printed form.

All the bandages are removed the very next day and first head wash is given at the clinic.

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