Hair Care and Styling after Hair Transplant

May 11, 2017 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Hair Style

When one goes for hair loss treatment, one of the aspects in mind is to get back the look and to improve the personality. Everyone wants to play around with hairstyles and hair styling is the ultimate stage which one wants to have after the hair transplant.

When the person has undergone hair transplant, they are provided with post-operative care instruction which includes use of mild baby shampoo for an initial period which helps in keeping the scalp clean and helps in healing also. One should not rub over the transplanted area for initial 10-14 days as this is the time which the graft follicles take to get fixed. One should take the shampoo in hand and make leather, which is then dabbed on the scalp. Then it is just washed away with the gentle stream of water. After initial 2 weeks, one can use regular shampoo but it is preferable to continue with baby shampoo or mild organic/ herbal shampoo. It is always good to use quality products as they are meant to clean dirt and oil and hence reduced the incidence of infection.

The persons who have some history of skin allergies should continue with their time-tested shampoo and should not alter them again and again as you do not know which shampoo may cause allergy.

Styling and camouflaging agents
These are generally advised once there is complete healing as some products may cause burning sensation. Camouflaging agents like fibers can be used after 3 weeks of transplant and they may be helpful in concealing the transplanted area and styling aids generally work to hold a style and can be used once the result has revealed itself.

Styling should be done in such a way that hair should look more voluminous. The common type of styling after the hair transplant is either the parting or combing the hair backward. Longer the hair, more the volume. The hair when combed backward can be helpful in covering the area behind the transplanted portion or the crown. The parting should be done in the area where there is uniform density. Styling gel, mousse can be used to hold the style and make the hair look more in volume.

Coloring Agents/Dye
One should avoid using hair coloring agents and dye for 4-5 weeks after the hair transplant. It is preferable to use organic good quality products and one should be careful in choosing these products as the chemical ones may cause an allergic reaction.

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