Hair transplant can transform your appearance

October 22, 2018 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Call it vanity, but sometimes to fit into certain roles, you need to look the part. Let’s say, you are a marketing person or a real estate guy who is meeting demanding clients everyday. Your job is to not just sell a house or a product but to convince the customer that whatever you are selling is the best thing for them. Now, anyone with a degree in marketing can tell you that convincing people is more than just words and assurances. In fact, psychologically speaking, convincing people is an art;it is a mix of both physical and verbal gestures and cues. It is in these cases and more that how people perceive you from your physical experience, your confidence and personality becomes very important.

So what has that got to do with your hair, or the lack of it thereof. The answer is -- a lot. A head of healthy hair is a symbol of youth, good health, and vitality. People with a head full of healthy hair are considered attractive, and appealing to the opposite sex. They are also looked at as better employees and people are drawn to them more, in general.

At work, people who are perceived as young and vital are considered more interested in getting the job done and full of prospect and ideas. But the harsh reality is that all of this is subject to change if people’s appearance starts changing or when they start losing their hair. While some men take baldness or thinning hair in their stride and don’t let it effect their life, there are others that suffer deep psychological and mental trauma because of it. Hair loss can kill self-confidence and self worth, and make people reclusive, snappy, irritable, and make them lose interest in friends, family and other people close to them. This is a result of loss of confidence and fear of being judged and mocked.

Hair loss is even known to cause BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a disorder that makes people overthink about their real or perceived flaws causing anxiety and emotional distress.

This is where a hair transplant can help. A hair transplant is the best and only permanent solution to baldness. And, modern hair transplant techniques are sophisticated, and give a very natural looking hairline. It can truly transform a person’s appearance and restore their self-confidence.

When men lose their hair, especially in the case of male pattern baldness, the appearance is greatly affected over time. Men start losing hair over the temples, and the hairline recedes, eventually theycan lose all their hair with some left on the back and sides of the head. Hair loss makes people look older, sometimes older than what they actually are. Patchy hair is in fact even worse, aesthetically speaking. What makes matters worse are the attempts to cover bald patches with keeping the adjacent hair longer. Patchy hair also looks unkempt no matter how try to style it. More than the baldness itself, it is how people imagine how they look takes a beating, depleting their self-confidence.

What a hair transplant does is, it takes the healthy follicles from the back and sides of the head and transplants them onto the thinning and bald patches, covering them up. And since it uses natural techniques, which use your own hair, the implants adapt to the new spot and start growing naturally. So it’s not artificial or fake looking. The appearance is as close to natural as possible. A good surgeon can also ensure that the hairline is designed in such a way that it compliments the person’s face, the shape of their head their features, and age in general, making it look as natural as possible.

In fact various studies which have been conducted, wherein people were shown before-and-after photographs of hair transplant recipients, show that the response to the after photos is consistently better. Most of these surveys have concluded that men with hair are rated as more youthful and attractive. The subjects in the studies have also associated men with hair as being more approachable and successful.

Hair transplant presents a real second chance for men with androgenic alopecia. It can help them look young and attractive once more, more importantly, make them feel young and attractive again.

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