How the Hair Transplant Cost is determined by the State of Baldness?

Sept 3, 2019 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

To understand about how the cost is determined one should have an idea about the stages of baldness or in other words the number of grafts required to provide the optimal result. If you analyze the stages, in stage one the transplant is not necessary and in stage 6 or 7 it may not be possible to do a transplant as there may be no donor grafts available.

Generally, the clinics either provide some kind of package or they charge per graft. The cost also depends on whether the procedure is FUT or it is FUE and whether it is a primary or it is corrective revision surgery. The location of the clinic, type of infrastructure, level of experience of the surgeon may also contribute some of the component of the cost.

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