Hair Transplant in Delhi

Feb 21, 2017 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Delhi Hair Transplant

India is emerging as one of the preferred healthcare destination for medical treatment all over the globe. Delhi has been a national capital of the country since the time of Mughal Emperor and so has a wide variety of cultural and historical places. Being the capital of the country it is one of the initial destinations for any new technology and equipment. That is why it is a popular tourist place boosting medical tourism as well. Delhi has numerous tourist attractions to capture the interest and the historical beauty and aura are itself amazing. Out of the many medical fields which have increased medical tourism, one such is hair transplant because of the total cost of treatment, visit and sightseeing are far less than the cost of treatment alone when done abroad.

What is Hair Transplant?
Hair Transplant is a surgical process of transplanting the hairs from donor area to the recipient area. A bald person can have the natural looking hair again with the treatment. This is the only permanent solution for the baldness or hair loss.

Being a competitive field the cost for hair transplant in Delhi is not high. Another reason is that there are many centres/ hospitals in Delhi who offer Hair Transplant services. But out of them, only a few centres are able to deliver good results. As this involves knowledge of aesthetics and experience to give good results so the doctor and the clinic which is well equipped and has the skilled team and a well dedicated and experienced doctor can provide excellent results and that also in very cost effective manner.

We provide most modern of the techniques at very cost effective pricing because our motto is not to earn money by making it over expensive for the patients but to help as many patients as possible by making it a cost effective treatment.

Plan your visit for the hair transplant in such a way that you can utilize the opportunity in best possible way by visiting the amazing places as well as get the whole treatment in your budget. With its rich culture and Atithi Devo Bhava Sanskriti, your visit to Delhi is going to be the rejuvenated and relieving.

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