Hereditary Hair Loss

Feb 11, 2017 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Hereditary Hair Loss

What is hereditary hair loss?
Hereditary hair loss also called androgenetic alopecia is a condition where hair follicles which are genetically predisposed to hair loss by effect of DHT gets replaced by short, thinner hair which gradually sheds and does not grow back leading to baldness.Hair cycle also gets shortened which causes the hair to be replaced by finer hair.

It is a common cause of hair loss, which affects significant percentage of people. The earlier the phenomenon starts the more extensive is the hair loss over a period of time.

The diagnosis is generally made by detailed medical history and examination to rule out other causes of hair loss. Positive history of hair loss in family and patterned hair loss on examination points towards this condition. When in doubt some laboratory tests may be required. Diagnosis becomes difficult when hair loss is diffuse and not patterned.

In patterned hair loss classification of the severity is done by Norwood classification system in men and in women commonly used is Ludwig’s classification.

If one has started experiencing hair loss the most important steps is to visit and consult a doctor so that a diagnosis can be made and if possible underlying cause can be identified.

In early hair thinning, changing the hair style, combing in a different way and using some camouflaging products may help in some situations.

In early stages of hair loss/ baldness medical management is generally indicated inform of minoxidil lotion or finasteride. These medicines slow down and or prevent hair loss and may lead to growing of some hair back.

Hair transplant when indicating and properly done gives natural long lasting result and these procedures are almost nearly undetectable after certain period of time. The results are so natural that it is difficult to tell whether the procedure is performed.

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