Is there any particular shampoo that I should use after hair transplant?

Dec 19, 2019 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

After hair transplant the important thing is to keep the area clean and the scabs moist so that the healing is better and the area remains infection free. For this we at Hair & Senses start the head wash after the bandage removal, which is one or two days after the procedure. We prefer giving the first head wash at our clinic where we can guide the patient how to do it after this for next 10-12 days. We prefer that head wash is done with mild medicated shampoo which is diluted as advised by the doctor. After 10-12 days one can use their regular shampoo but we tell our patients to use baby shampoo for some days and then switch to their normal regular shampoo.

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