Are there any options to improve hair transplant scar?

Sept 19, 2019 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

This question is generally asked by patients in regards to the procedure where they want to get rid of bad scar after FUT hair transplant. Yes, there are certain options for this and patient should be thoroughly counselled regarding the possible outcomes after the procedure. The counselling should involve the occurrence of scar again, some damage to surrounding follicles, increased recovery period.

Revising the scar: If there is good laxity in the scalp then scar can be excised and the wound is closed again. Certain points should be kept in mind while revising the scar like

• Try to do the trichophytic closure whenever possible.
• One should not try to revise the scar which is on the nape of the neck.
• Always try to close the wound in two layers.

One should avoid heavy exercises and also positions where scalp gets stretched.

Hair transplant in the scar: This can be done without much problem using FUE technique. Advantage of this is that there are no problems related to excision of scar. The compromised blood supply should be taken in to account while choosing this option.

SMP or tattooing the scar: This is also a good option to try when patient don’t want to undergo any procedure again. In some instances when the scar is more visible due to hypopigmentation then this can be done.

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