Young and Balding: What are the best options you have ?

November 13, 2018 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Growing up, you would have never thought that balding will be a concern so early in life. It’s one of those things that happen to the elderly. Staring at the mirror one morning, it strikes you - your hair is thinning. The bald patches are taking a shape. Worse, one of your friends or someone from the family points out the same. And your world seems to crash right in front of you. A sudden heaviness takes over. You retreat into a shell. Thoughts – of all kinds – cloud your brain. You imagine situations – a client meeting, an interview, marriage and what not. And in all these situations you wonder – what will the others think? How do they perceive me now? Self doubt creeps in and your confidence is at its lowest. The question that constantly rings in your ears is – what will I do?

Well, there is a lot you can do. But before you embark upon a course of action. Understand why has this happened. Why – at such a young age – are you confronting baldness?

The reasons could be one and many. Genetics, hormonal changes, stress, poor diet, substance abuse, a medical condition, bad hair practices can all contribute to balding and hair loss at a young age – sometimes as early as in your teens.

So here is what you can do.

See a specialist – Now this would sound extremely obvious and so it is. But people often shy away from expert advice and rely on ‘traditional’ and ‘home remedies’. Nothing against that – but the expert knows best. The doctor will understand your case history and accordingly suggest a course of action. Be it medication or transplant – let the doctor help you.

Minoxidil – It is a topical solution which can be used to arrest hair fall, slow balding, and to an extent boost the regrowth of hair. Minoxidilis particularly helpful for young people in early stages of hair fall. It can be used after consulting a specialist, and it can help people hold on to the hair that they have.

PRP Therapy – Another popular non-surgical treatment, PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy involves using the patients own blood to induce hair growth on the scalp. Blood is drawn from the patient’s body, processed in a centrifuge machine where PRPs are drawn from it. PRP, which is rich in protein, is then injected to the thinning or balding areas to help hair growth. It is a natural process as it used the patient’s own blood for treating hair fall.

Hair Transplant and Restoration – Yes. Don’t be surprised. This is an option and a lot of young people opt for it. Modern hair transplant and restoration procedures are not just for the old and elderly. It is a very viable solution and modern transplant methods like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) are extremely sophisticated and advanced. These procedures are also almost pain-free and minimally invasive.

The results of transplant are quite natural and in keeping with your aesthetics. Modern surgeons take great care to create a natural-looking hairline so you don’t have to worry about your transplant looking fake or weird. These procedures are growing extremely popular with the youth who experience hair loss. The important thing is to find an experienced surgeon and a good clinic, and they will take care of the rest.

Lifestyle – A sedentary lifestyle coupled with excessive smoking and drinking can have a major impact on the health of your hair. Moreover, high stress levels in personal and professional lives add to the problem. What do you do? Exercise, exercise, exercise. It really helps! Research has proven that exercise is extremely good for your hair. It helps combat stress, improves blood flow in your body and most importantly, gives you the confidence to face the world. If your stress is becoming chronic or if there are signs of depression and extreme anxiety, getting professional help is essential. It can make a world of difference to your general well being and your hair as well.

Diet – A nutritious diet is directly liked to the health of your hair. A diet comprising of foods rich in protein, iron, zinc and essential vitamins is essential for the health of your hair. So don’t compromise on that. No matter what your schedule – do not skip a good, healthy meal.

So every time you stand in front of the mirror and confront the question – what will I do? Remember, there are options available. Seek expert advice and never let self doubt creep in. You are young, and the best is yet to be!

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