Confused about why I got rejected for hair transplant?

September, 01 2019 | By Dr. Satinder Singh & Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

With the modern-day hair transplant surgery, person with baldness thinks of getting a head full of hair as these procedures are excellent in providing natural hairs in the region of baldness. The process of searching a good doctor or a clinic starts when one gets the feeling that he or she is losing a good number of hairs. It becomes very disappointing when the doctor thinks that you are not a candidate for this procedure and believe me that there may be reason for this conclusion.

Hair Transplant Tips

Too early
A good doctor always provides an honest advice whether to go for surgery or not. It may be that you are in early stages of hair loss where there is no baldness but only thinning of hairs. This stage does not establish the candidacy for undergoing hair transplant surgery. This stage requires only medical management. For undergoing hair transplant, one should have a bald area, only thinning does not require hair transplant.

Too young
An experienced surgeon always thinks of the treatment keeping the future hair loss in mind which can happen when a young or a person in early twenties comes for hair transplant consultation. This is due to the progressive nature of the hair loss in this age. The doctor may counsel you negatively for the surgery but it is for your benefit only. In early age group the pattern of hair loss may not have established. If at all the transplant is required this is done in a very conservative way and not attempting to go aggressively.

Too little donor
Advance stages of baldness like Norwood 6 or 7 leaves the person with very little donor where in it may not be possible to perform a hair transplant and providing the proper result. The person may be having fewer donors to match the expected result. The inadequacy of extended donor areas like beard or chest in addition to scarcity makes you an unsuitable candidate for hair transplant. One may want to go for transplant in crown area whereas in your best interest one should go for frontal area first so as to achieve good cosmetic result. So, a good and experienced surgeon may not want that you should involve good money in circumstances where you may not get the proper result.

Too far-fetched expectations (unrealistic expectations)
The consultation for hair loss may reveal that your expectations are not realistic and you are stuck with those expectations which may not be possible to achieve in your case either due to the advance stage of hair loss or due to the requirement which may not suits you cosmetically like a person in forties or fifties but wants to get a hairline of adolescence age group. In this situation, one should trust the doctor as he will decide about whatever is best in your interest.

Medical problems which may make you unfit for surgery
A person may be suffering from a medical problem which may render you unfit like uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension or a one having a problem where blood thinners may not be possible to stop. Auto immune disease or if hair loss is due to some kind of stress which may get better when the under lying cause of stress is eliminated.

One should understand that it is not always that if the person has baldness then hair transplant is possible for all. It should be left to the doctor to decide whether transplant is a good option or not.

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