Hair fiber after hair transplant: can i use them?

Sept 01, 2022 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

Yes, one can use hair fiber after hair transplant but not in immediate post-operative period.
One should wait for 3-4 weeks before using the hair fiber.

Let’s understand why it is to be used when transplant is already done? After hair transplant the hair growth does not happens overnight. It is a process and takes around 12 months for the results to fully manifest. After 2-3 weeks the shedding period starts and this phase sometimes continues till 10-12 weeks. During this period many patients want to use concealers to hide the bald patch and also to conceal that they have undergone a procedure.
Let’s see what is hair fiber and how it helps?
Hair fibers are basically fine powder like artificial hair strands that are made of keratin. Due to the presence of electrostatic charge they get attach to the existing natural hairs providing a thick, fuller look. These are available in different colors and one can use which is best suited according to the existing hairs. It is applied in the area where there is hair thinning and it will stay there till the next head wash is done.

During the early period after hair transplant it is advisable not to use any product as the scalp is sensitive at that time.

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