A guide to hair transplant after 50 years of age

Aug, 25 2022 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Hair Treatment
Hair loss or baldness some may consider it normal after a certain age but some may adapt and becomes comfortable with the appearance. But now a days this is not so because no age is considered old for getting a hair transplant done and enhance the appearance and confidence.

If we see then hair loss can happen in early as well as in late age group and treatment is also available depending upon the degree, progression and age of the patient. In todays times men over 50 years or in other words older age men also go for Hair Transplant procedure to enhance the appearance. This may be due to the demand of the job like if person is in public speaking or dealing or in public appearance or in media related jobs. This may also be due to the change in career or it may be due to the active social life that the person wants to look younger. So, there may be many reasons to pursue the treatment in older age also.

In patients who are above 50 years age some points need special consideration when going for hair transplant.

One of the important factors to consider is the amount of the donor grafts available as this will actually define the result which one can achieve with the available grafts. The procedure may be the only procedure which a person can undergo owing to the limited grafts available. The doctor may not advise in favor of hair transplant if the donor availability is so less that the procedure may not provide any good benefit.

In the older age group patients, one should go for age appropriate procedure and result rather than trying to achieve a fuller look of young twenties age group. So, while designing the hairline, age of the patient should be kept in mind and should not go aggressively for a much lower hairline. This should be discussed in detail during the consultation and counselling and age appropriate realistic expectations should be counselled.

When limited number of grafts are available then one should go for hairline and frontal restoration with grafts place strategically to provide better cosmetic and fuller look with the available grafts.

A person who is 50 years or above may have some medical problems like hypertension, or any heart related problem or diabetes or any other chronic medical problem for which person may be taking some medicines for a long period of time. It is important for the patient to tell the treating doctor about all the medical history and about all the medicines person is taking. If the patient has hypertension or some cardiac issues then one should particularly ask about the blood thinner medicines and should take opinion of cardiologist regarding the same. So, one should be careful and if necessary take the opinion of medical physician for diabetes, chronic liver or kidney problem or any problem that necessitates it before the procedure.

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