How many days of rest is needed after hair transplant surgery?

March, 14 2023 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Specialist in Delhi)

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant can be done by basically two methods, one is FUE and second is FUT. Number of days required for rest depends on the technique used for the surgery.

In FUE, generally the time required is very less. On the second day the bandage is removed and first head wash is given at our clinic. After that if there is no swelling on the forehead then as such one can go out for work taking all precautions and following all instructions. But if there is some swelling on the forehead then one needs to take additional 3-4 days off from work.

In case where FUT is used then the days needed for rest is comparatively more as there is stitches on the donor area of the scalp which may cause additional discomfort on the head and one may need to avoid certain activities. So, in case of FUE one may need 3-5 days off from work whereas in FUT one may need to wait once the sutures are removed and patient feels comfortable which may be at least 10-12 days . however the feeling of numbness and tightness may persists for many days or may be 1-3 months

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