How to maintain scalp hygiene post surgery for better results?

Sept 09, 2022 | By Dr. Sangay Bhutia (Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi, NCR, India)

The results of hair transplant surgery also depends on how one take cares of the scalp and the Transplanted hair and how dedicatedly one follows the post-operative instructions. One should start head wash from the day the bandage is removed taking care not to rub or pick the scalp in the early days as the grafts take 7-10 days to get fixed in the scalp. One should use the medicated shampoo as directed by the doctor or a mild baby shampoo for initial 14-15 days. One can use saline spray to keep the crusts moist and clean. While washing the head one should just pour the shampoo solution and then pour the water to rinse the shampoo. Combing, picking, scratching should be strictly avoided. One should avoid using dye, gels or styling heat irons as also the fibres in immediate post-operative period.

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